I have various philosophies which make up my spiritual outlook on life.  However, I have always been influenced greatly by Eastern Philosophy including Taoism, Zen and Hinduism.  Astrology does also make up a good portion of my spiritual beliefs.  As even Western Astrology blends very well with Eastern Philosophy.  Whereas in Indian Astrology (Jyotish / Vedic Astrology) it integrates fairly seamlessly with the Vedas.

I have been studying Astrology since 1996.  Which I have obtain certification through the CAAE (Canadian Association for Astrological Education) in Classical Astrology.  As well as have been a previous member of ATI (Astrology Toronto).  And I currently run Spiritual Social Network known as the Spirit Connect.  Which hopefully will at some day become active Astrology Forum.

Classical Western Astrology is my main area of focus.  Particularly Horary, which I attribute the vast majority of what I have learned from the late Ron Bippus.  I have also studied and dabbled into Jyotish with Alan Annand in Toronto.  And am looking to develop myself further in the the study of Indian Astrology

My Birth Chart

Above is my birth chart in Western Astrology.  You can click on it to get an expanded view.  For confidentiality reasons, the birth data is removed.  However, any competent Astrologer can either read it as is.  Or can reverse engineer the time.

Astrology Today Documentary

Many years ago before the days of Youtube (If you kids out there can remember that), I had made a documentary on Modern Astrology.  The documentary was called “Astrology Today” which focuses on how Astrology is in todays world.  And its public perception and new techniques.  Although as mentioned, my preference is classic astrology.  I do believe there is some value in Modern Astrology and some the new viewpoints and techniques that have developed.  However, this video was made before my study of Classical Astrology.

The Documentary is 1 hour long.  And you can watch if on this website by clicking on the image below.  And then pressing it again to press play.

Lou Gentile Interview

Years ago I had been called on the Lou Gentile Paranormal radio show to speak about Astrology.  The regular host Lou had a car accident that day which he called in a substitute.  This is a fairly long interview spanning about an hour.  Audio only.  Click on the the image below and then press it again to play the interview.

*Video:lou gentile show - click to play

CKTB Radio – Pluto’s change in status

A few years ago when Pluto was no longer declared a planet, i received a few calls from the media to comment on the matter.  I was interviewed with my responses published in the Ottawa Citizen(See article here).  As well as called on CKTB Radio to discuss the matter.  This interview is fairly short, spanning only about 5 minutes.  Audio Only.


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