Beginners Guide to Installing A Cold Air Intake (CAI)

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So I have entered the world of Modding Cars as my new Hobby.  Like most subjects there can be allot of elitist who hold their noses up in their air.  Or people    who are are an intermediate stage and still learning and posing themselves as experts.

I am an a dummy when it comes to mechanical stuff.  But I recognize every journey begins with the first step.  And even in other areas where I am knowledgeable like Martial Arts, Music, Business, Video Games, Technology, Programming it all started with the basic.

And I have gotton into Car modding for the experience.  As it’s always something I admired.

Here is a Video where I am sharing some of the tips I learned from my first modding Project (Installing a Cold Air Intake).  And I will be documenting my journey for any more Mod Projects that I work on.

A Cold Air Intake is a modification that allows your Engine to take more Oxygen.  Which it does so by sucking in air from the bottom of the car.  Away from the Engine bay (Since Air is hotter there).  As Cold Air is preferred by your engine since its denser and contains more oxygen.  And increases Horsepower and throttle.  And just sounds badass.

You do have to be careful with a Cold Air intake if you live in area where there is allot of flooding otherwise you can risk Hydrolock.  Hydrolock is when your engine freezes up from sucking in water into it.  However their allot of misconceptions about Hydrolock.  You have to be in at least 3 feet of water and running over 4000 RPMs.  So unless you are off roading or driving through lakes you should be okay.


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