Life is just easier when you accept it’s destiny.

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Life is just easier when you accept it’s destiny.

When you stop blaming yourself of what you could have, should have or would have done.

When you accept it all has a purpose, it’s not just a random mess.

When you feel comforted that all the twist and turns, still have one general direction toward progress.

When you let go and know, hey, you did your best and all that’s you can do.

When you accept it’s all meant to make you a better person.

When you forgive your enemies, in accept we’re all learning together on our own path.

When you understand that destiny offers treasures as well as challenges.  We just tend to take the treasures for granted.

As long you don’t stop trying to do your best in the present.  As long you still willing to give it your all and take that chance.

As long as your willing to accept responsibility for your action; That when you give it your all, after that, whatever happens is destiny.

That if it’s meant to be, it will be.

— Spica

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