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Making changes in your life can be a scary thing.  Especially when its an unexpected change and one that seems out of your control.  One that you have not made out of your own choice.  Yet it can still be a time of tension when its a change you have made yourself.  An alteration that you have made to your life that is voluntary.  The bottom line is for most people change is a hard thing to adapt to.

Maybe your life all of sudden seemed like everything was perfect.  And then out of nowhere a turn for the worse came out of nowhere.  And you find yourself caught flat footed not knowing how to deal with the given change.

Perhaps there is a missing element in your life?  Something that does not let you feel complete.  And you find yourself reaching out for the unknown in search to make your heart content.  Or maybe it is apparent and clear what you are after but you have your self doubts of whether its attainable for you.

I decided to write this post as its a reflection of my own life.  As I am currently in the midst of a great deal of changes.  And wanted to help remind myself of some principals to live by when going through change.  Which might help some others reading this whom are also going through a change.

Why is change not welcomed?

It is a common reaction among a good portion of us that change is often feared.  Their are those free spirits whom seem to embrace it and like to either receive or voluntarily make changes to their own lives.  But often I find those whom welcome change usually do in certain aspects of their lives and not others.  They might easily make changes on certain areas which might seem fundamental in their life such as relationships or their job.  But might go crazy if you make a change to how their morning coffee is made in the morning.  In my personal opinion its all relative as people have attachments to different things which have become identifications as part of their lives and who they are.

The key component to this resistance to change is a form of attachment.  And the Buddhist in me would remind myself the doctrine of all attachments lead to suffering in the end due to impermanent nature of all worldly things.  While I agree with Buddhism for the most part, thankfully I am not an extremist in subscribing to pure view which can be interpreted as being cynical.  As I think their is something to be said about being passionate and chasing a passion.  As its part of the process of what makes us Human.

But the sense of attachment is both the good and bad become part of our lives.  It becomes part of our self identification.  Along with our world view and where we fit in it.  And above all things its my belief the highest value is maintenance of our esteem and who we are.  And allot of what we look for in life is for the sense of finding identity.  And maintaining a level of importance in some area of our life.  Whether that be through parenthood, vocation or ones social circle.

Going through a Change is like going through a workout.

Some of the changes I have been going through in my own life have been voluntary changes.  Where aspects where not broken but felt they could be improved for the long run.  And implied a missing sense of completeness and of not growing further.  In those cases I like to view going through a change like going through a workout.  As a workout is a self induced pain meant for you to grow further.

In workout you might visit the Gym to put your muscles under stress.  And tear down the muscle fibers to a state where they were less effective than before.  Coaxing the body to build better and stronger muscles.

And I have grown to look at changes, particularly the voluntarily ones as a form of exercise for the soul.  Or undergoing voluntary surgery in order to make to things better in the long run.

Change refocus on what is real.

Change also allows us to test the weak links in your life.  Its true to a certain extent that you can find your true friends are during a tough time.  Or moreso to even help to identify the values which are truly meaningful.  Often times of change require you either not waste time with people who are not going to help you in your goal.  Its almost like house cleaning for your network of people which is needed every once in awhile.  Or cleansing your physical body with a detox.

Often the potential crisis that change brings about can help you define what is meaningful in your life.  And get distracted on the little things but get focused back on the big picture.

Change is the path of discovering the unconscious

Being a fan of Carl Jung i believe the path of life is about letting the unconscious personality discover itself (The process of individuation).  Our personalities are not meant to be static.  And we all grow to a certain extent.  Although the rate of growth differs from person to person.

The subconscious side of our personality is just as it implies behind the scenes.  Looking to make its way onto the surface to become CONSCIOUS.  The old you must be shed in order to make room for the new you.  And its possible your old structures were holding you back from fully being and realizing your full potential.

Go for it!

Change can always be an improvement.  Its true that sometimes it might not seem like it in the first place.  But its always about the positive mind focus which allows you to see the good in every situation.  The questions we ask ourselves are always very important and dictate our chosen life experience.

If their is one thing for certain is that change is inevitable.  And the nature of all things are subject to change.  The more we can be at one with the change the more we can be in alignment with the plans of the universe.

As the greek philosopher Heraclitus one said “You cannot step into the same river twice”

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