Martial Arts


Martial arts has always been a big part of my my life. Which I have studied various arts through my time. This includes Karate, Tae kwon Do, Aikido, Tai Chi (Chen Style), Muay Thai, Wrestling, BJJ, Kendo.  Which on the lowest end of these arts I have studied for 8 months.  And the higher end 6 years.

Martial arts will always been a passion in my life.  As it is a way of life which goes beyond fighting.  As it always test my personal limits making me strive for my personal best.

UFC Blogs

Below is my Video Blog on some of ranting and raving on various upcoming UFCs (Which maybe outdated now)

Fight Predictions

Combining my two loves, Astrology and Martial arts.  I have used Astrology to make some accurate prediction before the time of the event of who will be the winner of various fights.  See below

Anderson Silva winning against BJ Penn Fight prediction using Astrology.

One Inch Punch

Fooling around with my buds.  Showing them an example of Bruce Lee’s one inch punch.  Demonstrating the amount of power that can be generated in close range.  My technique could have been a little cleaner.  However, this was casually done.  This clip is over a decade old, hence the grainy quality (This is before everyone owned an Iphone)

Kung Fu Movies

Before the days of youtube (If you kids can remember that).  These clips played on sites like MovieFlix and more than a decade ago.  Before the term “Viral Video” was invented.  I grabbed a camquarter and started creating my own Kung Fu Spoofs.  These movies we’re first made as a joke making fun of those old Asian 1970s Kung Movies with the dubbed voices.  It started off with a short 1 minute clip called “Kung Fu Action Ather : Revenge of my Brother”.

It then graduated to a next clip called “Kung Fu Action Ather 2 : Revenge of my Dog”.

And the funniest one I did, was probably “Kung Fu Action Ather 3 :The Ninja who Shagged Me.”

I started to get a little more serious on experimenting with Camera angles for Martial Arts which I then created “Eternal Garden”.  And finally created a terrible D Movie (Which is many levels below a B Movie) called “Tao of the Astrological Voyager”.  Which was a terrible mix of Astrology and Martial Arts and was over 1 hour long.  Try not to fall asleep if you watch it.

Even though these spoofs are not pertinent to my life right now.  I enjoy them as a great memory which we had tons of fun creating these before any and everyone could create a Internet Video.

The Ninja Who Shagged Me – PART 1 OF 2

The Ninja Who Shagged Me – PART 2 OF 2

Eternal Garden – Part 1 OF 2

Eternal Garden – Part 2 OF 2

*Video:tao of the astrological voyager - click to play

Click Image to Play “Tao of the Astrological Voyager”.  And then click it a second time to stream video.

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