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I have always been a creative person.  And enjoyed the process of making things for the journey itself.  In the last year I have dusted off my computer programming skills and created a number of new projects Website – I discovered the losing pets is statistically a significant problem.  And created a way for people to create a trail of their Lost Pet via a map.  You can read more about what inspired my idea on a better way to find a lost pet at my blog post. Website – Youtube is becoming more than just a video sharing site but a Social Media platform.  As every day people comment and interact with each other.  And its becoming a new way to connect with friends on-line and offline.  Problem with Youtube is their is no way to search other users via demographic information.  Perhaps you want to find other users within your age group of 24-28 years old.  Or find people within your city (Toronto) and their is no easy way to do so. allows you to do that easily with a few key presses.

basic-boxing-combinationsBoxing Combos App – (Google Android and soon to be released on iPhone)- This was my first app and really was an experiment to see what the process was for App development.  Their are allot of Boxing Timers out their which count rounds and minutes on your phone / tablet when you are shadow boxing.  However Boxing Combos is different that it also calls out random boxing combos when you practice. Acting as a virtual trainer and a great training tool.  The app became popular almost instantly to my surprise.  And inspired me to continue to develop this app into more complex boxing combinations.  And also make a variation for Kickboxing Muay Thai Combos.  See the app on the Android Marketplace here.

airkittensandfarts-30000-1Kittens Attack – (Google Android and soon to be released on iPhone) – It had been awhile since I made my last Video Game “The Last Daisheika”.  And I was getting an itch to make another game.  Kittens Attack is a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  And models itself after the old space invaders game of the 80s.  You can find the game from the Google Android Marketplace here.

nkingNinja King – A Windows PC game I made back in the late 90s.  Back then it had over 30,000 downloads on which was a huge deal.  Since that was before the word “Viral” existed.  Considering porting this over to a mobile version of the game or making a web based equivalent.  Takes after the old Nintendo game “Legend of Zelda”.  Download the game at this link.

daisheikaLast Daisheika – A year or so after creating Ninja King I made an RPG game called Last Daisheika.  A turn based RPG that is somewhat similar to the Final Fantasy games.  Also considering porting this over to a web based version of the game.  Download the game at this link.

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