Video Games


A great way to relax, as long as you don’t let it take over your life.  I typically like RPG / Fantasy style video games.  Some of my favourite games include Ultima 6, Oblivion, Two Worlds 2.  I also like silly and Qwirky games like Angry Birds.

Video Games I created

More than a decade ago, while I was a student studying Computer programming; I created two games in my spare time “Ninja King” and “Last Daisheika”.  Ninja King did well relative to its time.  As it received over 40,000 downloads on  And was released on German games Magazine.  Again, this is all in context of the times.  As this was back in the 90s before the Internet was what it is now.  And 40,000 downloads used to be a big deal.

You can download my games “Last Daisheika” or “Ninja King” by click here

Video Game – Video Blogs

Below are some of my video blogs on various game reviews and updates in some well anticipated games (Like Skyrim)


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